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Circular No. English Date of issue File No. Subject
43/17/2018 View(80 KB) 13-04-2018 F. No. 349/48/2017-GST clarifying the issues arising in refund to UIN.
42/16/2018 View(276 KB) 13-04-2018 CBEC-20/16/03/2017-GST clarifying the procedure for recovery of arrears under the existing law and reversal of inadmissible input tax credit.
41/15/2018 View(658 KB) 13-04-2018 CBEC-20/16/03/2017-GST clarifying the procedure for interception of conveyances for inspection of goods in movement, and detention, release and confiscation of such goods and conveyances.
40/14/2018 View(131 KB) 6/4/2018 F. No. 349/82/2017-GST Clarification on issues related to furnishing of Bond/Letter of Undertaking for exports – Reg.
39/13/2018 View(262 KB) 3/4/2018 F. No. 267/7/2018-CX.8 Setting up of an IT Grievance Redressal Mechanism to address the grievances of taxpayers due to technical glitches on GST Portal-reg.
38/12/2018 View(404 KB) 26-03-2018 F. No. 20/16/03/2017-GST Clarifications on issues related to Job Work
37/11/2018 View(391 KB) 15-03-2018 F. No. 349/47/2017-GST Clarifications on exports related refund issues
36/10/2018 View(318 KB) 13-03-2018 F. No. 349/48/2017-GST Processing of refund application for UIN entities
35/9/2018 View(350 KB) 5/3/2018 F. No. B-1/20/2016-TRU Clarification regarding taxable services provided by the member of the Joint Venture(JV) to the JV and vice versa and inter se between the members of the JV
34/8/2018 View(96KB) 1/3/2018 F. No. 354/17/2018-TRU Clarification regarding GST in respect of certain services.
33/7/2018 View(255KB) 23-02-2018 F. No. 267/67/2017-CX.8 Directions under Section 168 of the CGST Act regarding non-transition of CENVAT credit under section 140 of CGST Act or non-utilization thereof in certain cases-reg..
32/6/2018 View(281KB) 12/2/2018 F. No. 354/17/2018-TRU Clarifications regarding GST in respect of certain services as decided in 25th GST Council meeting.
31/5/2018 View(97KB) 9/2/2018 F. No. 349/75/2017-GST Proper officer under sections 73 and 74 of the Central Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 and under the Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017.
30/4/2018 View(286KB) 25-01-2018 F. No. 354/1/2018-TRU) GST dated 25.01.2018 clarificationregarding supplies made to the Indian Railways classifiable under any chapter, other than Chapter 86 .
29/3/2018 View(271KB) 25-01-2018 F. No. 354/1/2018-TRU) GST dated 25.01.2018 seeks to clarify applicability of GST on Polybutylene feedstock and Liquefied Petroleum Gas retained for the manufacture of Poly Iso Butylene and Propylene or Di-butyl para Cresol.
28/2/2018 View(383KB) Corrigendum 8/1/2018 F. No. 354/03/2018 Clarifications regarding GST on College Hostel Mess Fees
27/1/2017 View(383KB) 4/1/2018 F. No. 354/107/2017-TRU Clarifications regarding levy of GST on accommodation services, betting and gambling in casinos, horse racing, admission to cinema, homestays, printing, legal services etc.

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